email to MIT: re Sumer Johal

At my age (64) don’t have patience. This morning wrote to MIT Alumni asking them about Sumer (Singh) Johal. It will be now either I apologize to Sumer Johal publicly on my blog or either wait for MIT’s response that may be for ever.

The verbatim copy of email sent to MIT this morning:

To: aacomments AT

Subject: Sumer (Singh) Johal : 1996 BSEE, 1996: M.Eng. MS computer science ?


Am investigating Sumer Johal for degree fraud to mislead investors. Seems like he got a BS in 1996. He was awarded M.Eng. same time for doing nothing extra. He got out in 1996 and did no further studies or got any more degrees from MIT. (How he got admission to MIT is another mystery, but that’s for later.)

He has been representing himself as MS in computer science from MIT. From a website of Xamplify (had famous MIT graduates in Berkeley):

“Sumer graduated from M.I.T. with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, specializing in programming techniques, scalability and computability.”


“Sumer Johal… He is an expert in real-time information transfer and scalable, secure design.”

I know he is an expert in making tandoori chicken and dancing Bhangra, I guess you knew, but real-time information transfer…. I get really confused.

Could you please clarify matters. Earlier wrote to you but no response.

I would request you to make matters clear to me. Many investors and many firms like the Linux Foundation have their reputation and money at risk.


Kamal Sinha

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