Dr. Oomori at Mitsubishi

Dr. Oomari at Mitsubishi

He was a PhD from University of Tokyo (Todai in short) and sat next to me. He seemed very frustrated and seemed like his professor at Todai had forced this job on him. Heard that was a standard practice. Would guess IITs force their favorite students to choose Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. Many of you will be surprised that these companies are not the favorites of American elites and need recruitment tools like the IIT professors to fill their positions. All one requires is to show them some ‘false’ respect. IIT professors, because of their inferior minds and oversized egos, that we all know but can’t express them openly because of fear, make good recruitment agents. And likely they don’t get any monetary benefits too. Complete losers!

Anyway, Dr. Fushimi, also from Todai, told me to tell him to calm down and accept Mitsubishi.

He kept on complaining while others just waited patiently. His English was fairly good, so he talked to me.

He got a job offer at University of Kyoto, generally considered to be #2, in beautiful Kyoto, and just behind Todai, in reputation, and left all of a sudden.

Even in Japan a few employees leave after a short while. My guess is that if he stayed a bit longer, his destiny was sealed at Mitsubishi. Hope he is doing well.

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