Did you study at IIT Bombay? I don’t see any proof.

Years ago I was looking for sites that referred to my site www.kamalsinha.com

Found one site. One author hinted that I was lying. I didn’t know Nandan Nilekani. He graduated in 1978, and I – graduated in 1981. Three later than Nandan did.

As a matter of fact I had jaundice in one year and chicken pox in another, I had to drop a lot of courses, which I did in summers.

I got a job in 1978. No time and no motivation. When I applied for admission the the USA a degree was needed , so decided to present a thesis and managed to graduate in 1981. Therefore I still include myself in 1973-78 batch, just for convenience.

My stories are not made up, though the subject of those anecdote might claim later that these stories are made up, I am just a pretender, who never got admitted to IIT Bombay, they might claim later. Well that story some other time. It’s a long story.

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