Did Japan help Netaji escape?

Knowing the Japanese the idea is preposterous. Japan believes in obeying the victors. Once they had surrendered to the British and American obeying their commands become their duty. There was no chance of anybody disobeying.

India too follows that in military services. Say the army caught a Pakistani POW. He offers the soldiers lot of money to help him escape. First of all no soldier will agree to that sort of deal. By rare chance if any soldier agrees and he helps him escape, the truth will be soon discovered, and not only him, his entire family will be put to shame for generations to come.

Make it extreme. If Netaji escaped, and the British asked the Japanese army for him, they can’t say “Hey, hey, hey, we don’t know.” And for punishment the British flogged the Emperor in public in full view of the nation. Emperor was considered a God. Lots of suicide would have followed. And the soldier who allowed Netaji to escape would have been disowned by his family and lots of suicides,

I have read many books where Netaji is allowed to escape. Japan is not India. Here one if one steals thousands of crores, and there is a ban on escaping to Britain, for a proper consideration , police chief will drop him to the airport. Not possible in Japan.

A high profile case could not have escaped in Japan. Bengalis and people like them should start thinking rationally.

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