Dancing on the stage

There was a movie showing in Ghatkovar theater. The news article mentioned that the music is so people start dancing on the stage in front of the screen.

It was some movie I had never heard of before. Movies like Chalti ka naam Gaadi were very popular in my hostel. I few years ago Venky who is in Boston working for Bose speakers mentioned that he has seen that movie 100 times. Crazy.

So, this movie I had not heard of before. Curious I took a bus from IIT bain rate and went to Ghatkopar to see this movie.

Movie started and I said the music is good but not that good. Slowly the movie progressed. I open my eyes and see that there is a big crowd on the stage, full of ordinary people, no IITians there, dancing and finding the songs without any awareness.

After a while everybody stood up, including me, and we were tapping the songs in front of out seats and some even singing.

It was an experience I have never had in my life. Still don’t remember the name of the movie now the song.

Did this really happen. Like that UFO I saw. I could partially explain that be arguing some big ballon goes got lost and so on, but this movie, there should be some record. Maybe if I go through the records of all the movies shown in Ghatkopar in that era, I will find out. Or maybe not. Some events are magical.

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