Craze for IIT -1

It is written mainly for our young people. Most like you will ignore it but I will do my duty here.

Our societies need people who are science-savvy. India too need them.

  1. People need money but not as much as the society tells you you need. One can do well on much less. I read business magazines in America to find out how much I needed to retire. Average was 3 million dollars or so at least. I retired with much less. I am living very comfortably now.
  2. For career it has been told that computer science related career are safe bets. For earning money, perhaps, but one can follow almost limitless careers. In America I met people who were psychologist dealing with homeless people. Not money to brag about but enough for a nice, stable life. Decide what you want to do and follow it.
  3. Don’t have to be a genius. Just an an average mind but perseverance to learn. No memorization needed.
  4. There is a craze for going to IIT. It will perhaps help you get a job at Microsoft or Google. There are the places I would hate to go. There are million of other places.
  5. For studying IITs are the worst places to go. Mediocre professors, mediocre students, and hyped environment. For people who have some money going outside India for education. And not too famous one. In the top 500 will be good enough. If one does well then scholarships are offered. For one who don’t have even plane fare I will suggest something sometime else. India is not recommended for education.
  6. IITs are absolutely not recommended.
  7. Rest later.

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