Company’s Order for matchmaking

My bucho (division head) Sawai, realized that I was not going to marry my ex girlfriend. So problem. I had a woman colleague – Ms. Inouye. At lunch an attractive woman, around 28-30, used to come and have lunch with her. My bucho ordered Inouye to introduce her to me.

Inouye was petrified. She told me that her friend had a boyfriend. Didn’t matter, if I wanted, the bucho would have gotten them broken up, and would have found me a girlfriend I could marry.

I thought she was attractive, but it was too much. Stopped talking to her for a couple of months. Even stopped looking at her. They got the hint and girl was relieved, I was relieved, department was relieved.

In Mitsubishi, they prefer you to find your partner. Otherwise they find for you and refusing them is well, nearly impossible.

When Mitsubishi hired the White guys, Bitar etc., they were introduced to the cute secretary, with hair dropping over the forehead, who generally joined companies to find some suitable engineer in a year or two, and then leave. One girl didn’t find any, and was still working at about 35. She used to do secretarial work.

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