China distrusted the most

“Over 77 per cent of the respondents rated the US as the most trusted leading global power. The US was followed by Australia, Russia, Japan, France, UK and the European Union (EU). The country that the respondents distrusted the most (77 percent) is China.” – TOI on Indian youth.

The curvey result showed that the media and the politicians succeeded in achieving what they had set out to be – make Indian youth distrustful of China, and trusting of USA, Japan, Australia,…

India is trustful of countries that are mostly Caucasian and developed. So unlike India. On the other hand China is non-Caucasian, not yet fully developed.

It’s no wonder China just ignores Indian politicians and Indian youth.

My experience is that USA and Japan like Indians who are dumb and subservient. Luckily Indians fill that bill to a large extent.

Rest of the world will progress by their friendship with China, India will not do that. Think Indian story is coming to an end, give it, 15 years or so.


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