IITian success – One

I am writing from my memory. Information might have become obsolete, please keep that in mind. My classmate Rakesh Mathur had a huge house near Saratoga? He had sold Junglee to Amazon for $300 million shared with 3 others. I went to his house once, everything was very expensive. I was wearing a colorful holi… Continue reading IITian success – One

Iyengar in America

The Iyengar guy was coming from India. We got the news. He came, and he was young. Recovered, no jet lag, and got ready to dine out in a few hours.. Carbondale had a nice pizza restaurant. Pagliai’s Pizza. Praveen Mathur and I had been to that place on several prior occasions. We decided to… Continue reading Iyengar in America

Dancing on the stage

There was a movie showing in Ghatkovar theater. The news article mentioned that the music is so people start dancing on the stage in front of the screen. It was some movie I had never heard of before. Movies like Chalti ka naam Gaadi were very popular in my hostel. I few years ago Venky… Continue reading Dancing on the stage

Kamal Sinha in Kati Patang

I used to read a lot of Hindi paperbacks during my childhood. Gulshan Nanda was one of my favorite novelists. His Kati Patang fascinated me because the main character was named after me – Kamal Sinha. A few years later I went to see the movie Kati Patang – with my family. One of the… Continue reading Kamal Sinha in Kati Patang

Japan in Port Blair

A couple of years ago was in Port Blair. One way flight ticket from Patna Port Blair for Rs 4,300 via Kolkata stop for a couple of hours, was tempting. Once I took a bus to the stop I wanted to go. It required asking a few people, they knew and told me the it… Continue reading Japan in Port Blair

Repeat Message:

Please don’t listen to USA and Japan. Don’t make an enemy of China. Both have lived in peace for thousands of years. Let that continue. Remove officials and reporters who talk about joining QUAD or talk about evil intention of China. They are agents of Japan and the USA. Think carefully, and remain friends with… Continue reading Repeat Message: