Runners up: 1

Jadhavpur (Enginnering) University Jadhavpur was my only choice if I didn’t get into IIT. Didn’t have to use that choice, even though I got admission there too. Two years back was going to Kolkata, by Shalimar AC 1 class. The co-passenger was from Jadhavpur. After I told him about problems with IIT Bombay, my favorite… Continue reading Runners up: 1

Thai Buddhist Temple Food

Just 5 minutes in front of Ashby Bart Station, towards the downtown Berkeley Bart station, was a small temple. I didn’t go there for the temple, but for the Thai food they sold sorry they distributed on Sunday afternoons. It was very popular, and I too went there several times. The big line to get… Continue reading Thai Buddhist Temple Food

Suzuki san was disappointed

Suzuki was my coworker at Mitsubishi, Oofuna computer works. One day when he came he looked happy. Seems like he had to meet a American representative of Gupta Technologies, a database vendor, popular those days. He dresses smart and was set to meet this American in a hotel or restaurant in Tokyo. He came back… Continue reading Suzuki san was disappointed

Oakland to ebay – no car

Got a temporary job at ebay. Used to live near Oakland Sutter Hospital, was far, but renting a place in Sunnyvale (?) was not without problems. Location, rent, deposit, term etc had to be decided before renting. So decided to wait and communicated from Oakland where I lived. My bike was of great help. Early… Continue reading Oakland to ebay – no car