Are Jews Special?

Are Jews Special? We know how special they are. All the stories that come to us via media shows how this tiny nation is able to survive against the Muslim fanatics hell bent on destroying it. Also Israel is India’s trusted friend – just like America, Japan, and Australia. Israel is a high tech nation… Continue reading Are Jews Special?

Indians hate Indians like me – who prove Americans and Japanese are stupid

Indians don’t like people like me. A partial list of my scores upsets them. I haven’t shown some scores – one GRE where I had 98% on verbal, and one GRE advanced in computer science where I had a 91% after very limited exposure. During my days in the USA, during my first semester I… Continue reading Indians hate Indians like me – who prove Americans and Japanese are stupid

Air France flight

I was excited. In the flight there were some young students, all going for studies in the USA. One nice guy I met was going to Wharton to do his MBA studies there. I asked his GMAT score and he told me without any hesitation. His total score was 680, 98%ile, good for Wharton. His… Continue reading Air France flight

We had a postdoc among us

Decided to change my life one semester. Study hard was my motivation. The professor came. The course was named probably Linear Systems. He started writing. A large matrix. Some 10 by 20 matrix. No words. Perhaps he was on a silence vow. Soon the one hour got over. With that my motivation. A very standard… Continue reading We had a postdoc among us

My road to fitness

My waist was about 29″ when I went to American. After I performed very well in computer science courses, one redneck professor Robert O’Neil started harassing me and I gained weight, waist increasing to about 33″. USA was a constant harassment – they don’t like talented people – and went on increasing. Then I went… Continue reading My road to fitness

IIT vs MIT re-revisited

In my previous posts I have consistently maintained that MIT is a time-tested educational tool which is among the top in the world – in the top 5 in most rankings in engineering. With the rise of China, it might fall a few places but will remain the top destination for most. There are more… Continue reading IIT vs MIT re-revisited

American guy in Ecuador

Went there. Lived in a Hare Krishna farm opened by a Britisher in a mild jungle there. About 20 people, all young except me, we did some farming and later made vegan thick soup your to eat/drink. Very tasty. Sometimes we out for picnic near river and once a week went to the nearest town… Continue reading American guy in Ecuador