India developed now?

Financial Express [December 29, 2003] after meeting my batchmates (IIT B, 1978 batch) predicted that India would be a developed nation by 2020, that is more than a year back. The article stated: That is the question the Class of 1978 tried to answer after 25 years of passing out of their alma mater –… Continue reading India developed now?

Why Indians have the highest IQ in America?

Watched a few minutes of Dr. Vikas Divyakirti’s video on YouTube where he mentioned that Indians, being Asian-Americans have the highest IQ in America. The term Asian-America, is understood by most there applies to Chinese, Koreans, Japanese etc. Indians are South Indians. and get this straight, their IQ is lower than of white Americans. And… Continue reading Why Indians have the highest IQ in America?

Has Quad any future?

I am watching it with interest. US, Japan, Australia, and India. Already citizens of Australia are watching their government to pick a fight with China and don’t see happy. India does not know exactly why it is there with US and its friends. I know it won’t happen overnight, but India is just delaying its… Continue reading Has Quad any future?

Theory of Relativity

I was in the class – I had attended very few classes at IIT. The professor started writing the proof of the ultimate equation, that almost everyone ‘intelligent’ is aware of. It was fully covered in slightly over a page. I remember that one of main points was that the speed of light was same… Continue reading Theory of Relativity

My SBI Saga

My mother had an account at State Bank of India, Danapur. In its locker she had kilos of gold. She held a few shares worth crores, whose dividends were substantial. She passed away more than 10 years ago. But her account is still active. Dividend checks are deposited regularly in the account by my brother… Continue reading My SBI Saga