Did Japan help Netaji escape?

Knowing the Japanese the idea is preposterous. Japan believes in obeying the victors. Once they had surrendered to the British and American obeying their commands become their duty. There was no chance of anybody disobeying. India too follows that in military services. Say the army caught a Pakistani POW. He offers the soldiers lot of… Continue reading Did Japan help Netaji escape?

Meet India’s new rival status

Today saw BBC news, Once again Indian “experts” repeated that there is backlash against China and companies are seeing India as an opportunity. Some time back heard Trump talking similarly. He paused for a second and named Vietnam as China’s alternative. Vietnam’s boom can be attributed to Chinese who moved there to save on labor… Continue reading Meet India’s new rival status

Welcome to Jungle

Met this young girl at Auroville. Sitting near the welcome center. She was from Shanghai, Her aunt was from Hong Kong. Enjoyed talking to her. Suddenly she told me :”you are not Indian.” I thought something about me gave me away. Asked her how did she knew. She told me she was working for a… Continue reading Welcome to Jungle

Got my confidence back

Resigned from Mitsubishi and came back to America in 1995. There were no job prospects and I had become morbidly fat. About 42 inches waist, height 5’7.5″.To calm my mind, decided to take a few mathematics courses. And just to see if I had any intelligence left. First course was Complex Analysis. Did okay, the… Continue reading Got my confidence back

Indian Music

Years ago took an undergraduate course in music appreciation in Berkeley. I am near tone-deaf, and this is one important field missing from my life. One cannot have everything. The course was fine and there was a book that was needed. On going through the book I found out that it had western, chinese, persian,… Continue reading Indian Music

Why don’t we learn?

In India it is every day China-bashing. Some of it can be understood, but shows childish mentality of ours. China has told us countless times that China and India are both developing nations and mutually they should try to solve problems. Problem goes back to 1962. I read a book by an American guy. He… Continue reading Why don’t we learn?

Most admired country

About last year the online Guardian, an British journal, published a result of a poll. Germany was the most admired country in the world. It was followed by two countries on par – the USA and China. China? I guess it was not reported in India. Just like my discrimination case was not reported in… Continue reading Most admired country