My nanaji’s death

He was a famous lawyer’s assistant (munshi) in Bihar Sharif. He could practice law by himself. He did financially well. He had interest in occult and did chart reading too. The incident I am to describe here was not witnessed by me, but by several who were at home with him in Bihar Sharif. One… Continue reading My nanaji’s death

IIT vs MIT Revisited

Some visitors to my site come looking for comparison between IIT and MIT. I thought the matter should have been resolved long time ago. MIT is rated by most rating agencies in the top 10 engineering schools. The same rating agencies rate IITs in 200s, 300s, 400s or lower. Many Indians are proud of IITs.… Continue reading IIT vs MIT Revisited

Nepalese Perceptions

Was in Nepal about 3 years ago. Had read they are friendly towards India. I talked to a few people. They were friendly. But one of them pointed out that Modi had blocked rice exports to Nepal. I didn’t know about that issue and kept quite. Seems like they reply on open lines from India… Continue reading Nepalese Perceptions

Are Jews the smartest?

Many Indians believe it. And it is hard not be believe it. In 2013 when we met for Hostel 7 reunion, Sanjaya Bhargava, the gold medalist from IIM Ahmedabad , announced all of a sudden that Jews are very smart.We were surprised, and nobody followed up on that and we moved on to other topics.… Continue reading Are Jews the smartest?

Top-notch researcher

A few days ago wrote about this friend at a top-notch research institute who was bothered about my lack of intelligence. I was not offended because I knew the truth. On the other hand, I knew that he came to IIT on a reservation. In spite of having secured #1 rank in the high school… Continue reading Top-notch researcher

Heat wave in India

Only yesterday was reading news about a severe heat wave in America. Thought of India. Normal heat waves are extreme to me. People tell me because I have lived in the West for a long time. Indians in India don’t feel hot? I see the labors working in the sun, sweating. How long can it… Continue reading Heat wave in India