Bullet Trains in India

They are nice. But what will they cost?

I lived in Japan for about 6 years and hardly used these trains. First time I rode a bullet train, was excited with anticipation. It lasted a full minute, and then sit on your chain, and think of this as a plane ride, where we can walk abound freely. Looking outside the windows was headache inducing. Things appeared so briefly that could not catch name of a single train station on the way.

Problem area was the ticket price. Prices were on general comparable to or higher than flight prices. I checked prices on Chinese bullet trains through internet, Cheapest fares are comparable to AC First class fares in India.

My impression is that it will serve only a very limited segment in India. Modi’s friends, diamond dealers from Gujarat, might find value in certain circumstances.

India runs a few trains that are supposed to save you time. They mostly start at 6 AM. That spoils previous night. Fearful of missing the train.

Bullet trains is just one another way for Japan to woo India.

Currently I use trains frequently. Delhi to Patna, ride in night get down in the early morning works for me. If there was a Bullet train, ride in night, and get down at 2 AM, and spend the right in the waiting hall to wait for traffic to resume. Does not seem beneficial to me.

Don’t want to sound too negative. Will just wait and see.

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