Lying is Futile

Was checking an interview of Narayana Murthy by BusinessWeek. And place I cound was embarrassing. The interview went like this: Narayana Murthy gives to Charity Q: We hear you’ve become quite a philanthropist, that you’re making large donations with money from sales of your personal Infosys stock. Can you tell us about the money you’re… Continue reading Lying is Futile

A girl liked garlic

In childhood I remember reading a story where a girl who loved to eat garlic went to a party. Shy, she was afraid of talking to people face to face. Now I con’t remember the story line, but remember it is a happy one. In IITs, contrasy to media, other IITians, where we have been… Continue reading A girl liked garlic

Hindi debate in IIT?

Note: This is based on my recollection. If you remember different please correct me. One year “Hal” (in Silicon Valley) Kazi became our hostel’s Culture Secretary. I used to think of him as Delhi crowd’s chamcha, so I was not very excited by that. Why he was scared of those snobs was a mystery to… Continue reading Hindi debate in IIT?

Australian green card

I was really fed up of the arduous experience in getting the US green card. Fad joined a teaching job which was a actually a teaching assistant’s job, with no learning and no career progress, was told getting a green card is simpler, got a totally incompetent Memphis lawyer, and he made it difficult for… Continue reading Australian green card

NRI from Mauritius

Once took a package bus from Delhi to Agra. On way we stopped at the official store to Taj Mahal. The shop will selling small marble Taj Mahals. After seeing me the shopkeeper told me he had better models for discerning tourists like me. And he brought a Taj. Some negotiations and that beauty was… Continue reading NRI from Mauritius

Races in America

When I went to study in America (Mexican hate this term used for the USA, will try to use USA when possible) I was aware that racism played a part in the USA history. In 1984 I got a job at Univ of Tennessee at Martin. One day thought of having a beer at a… Continue reading Races in America

JEE vs GRE, GMAT – Two

When I joined IIT Bombay in 1973, I had AIR of about 250. Pretty decent. However I checked the board in the main building and found all the ranks and the raw scores. It was Narendra Karmarkar, JEE AIR 1, raw score 271 out of 300. Number 2 was Gurjar, JEE AIR 2, raw score… Continue reading JEE vs GRE, GMAT – Two

Independently wealthy

After my Mitsubishi experience, went back to USA – Berkeley, considered to be a liberal town. Didn’t have a job, and what job will I get, after wasting 6 years at Mitsubishi Electric. At that time I remembered Rajiv Bhateja. He was nice to me at IIT Bombay, was wealthy, had studied at UC, Berkeley… Continue reading Independently wealthy

JEE vs GRE, GMAT – One

Most IITians will remember their exact JEE ranks till they die. When they meet after retirement, almost everyone is aware of other’s JEE ranks – thanks to the depatment and IIT division based of JEE ranks. If I tell you 1978 batch electrical from IIT Bombay, most of you with small research will be able… Continue reading JEE vs GRE, GMAT – One