Bombay airport worker

The first time I came to India from the US was through Bombay airport. Then to Patna. At Bombay airport an employee asked me, “are you coming from America?” When I said yes, he demanded money as tip. I wondered what has be done to deserve a tip, nothing it was obvious, but one of… Continue reading Bombay airport worker

JEE: An honest opinion

Many visitors to this site come looking for JEE, Acceptance rate of IIT, how to go to foreign countries through IIT. In short how the media has painted higher education as, you generally know what to do. This site comes among the top, that’s why you came here, their was no marketing involved, and Google… Continue reading JEE: An honest opinion

August 15, 1975: Minerva

I went there to watch Sholay. Went by myself. Didn’t want to buy in black. Didn’t tell anybody. After I waited for about 30 minutes, a guy came to me, saying I have an extra ticket. He gave it to me at the list price, no mark up. The seat was very near the screen… Continue reading August 15, 1975: Minerva

Shammi Kapoor

After work at Nariman Point, sometimes used to watch movies in the VT area so that could go home later when the crowd subsided. One of my favorite movie theaters was New Excelsior. New and generally showed good English movies. One day I booked a balcony ticket to watch Godfather – I or 2 I… Continue reading Shammi Kapoor

Gita Press Dictionary

There was a Hindi dictionary, Gita Press Hindi dictionary, that formed a big part of my childhood. My father had got for me when I was 4-5 as a birthday gift, I had cried because I wanted what others were getting, but slowly it entered my life in a grand manner. It was cheap, and… Continue reading Gita Press Dictionary

Skylab is falling

I was in Larsen and Toubro. Lived in Andheri and went by 7.24 train (some times earlier by 7.16 train) to VT to then took a bus or walked to Nariman Point. Bakhtawar building where my office was located was next to grand Oberai Hotel, with its swimming pool on the seventh floor, watchable from… Continue reading Skylab is falling

Narendra Karmarkar

He was my classmate at IIT Bombay. When I took classes at University of California at Berkeley, his name was there on the inside wall, perhaps he got the gold medal at that prestigious school. He did his masters there. He later studied at CalTech, another very selective school among the very best in the… Continue reading Narendra Karmarkar