Dr. Narendra Karmarkar

He was my classmate. Got his gold medal in 1978. Often he used to question professors which got them stumped. I didn’t understand most of them. Even other toppers like Gurjar didn’t understand them. He was helpful to me. Not showing the arrogance most of the toppers displayed. I liked him. In Bombay most came… Continue reading Dr. Narendra Karmarkar

US, Japan and India

Indian youth is quite determined to make USA and Japan their friends while hate China who is the root reason of all that is evil in the world. Could it be that thousands of years of slavery has its impact on the Indian mind, unable to understand the reality.Most animals until the exact time they… Continue reading US, Japan and India

China distrusted the most

“Over 77 per cent of the respondents rated the US as the most trusted leading global power. The US was followed by Australia, Russia, Japan, France, UK and the European Union (EU). The country that the respondents distrusted the most (77 percent) is China.” – TOI on Indian youth. The curvey result showed that the… Continue reading China distrusted the most

Japan – an ally or a foe

What a silly question. Everybody knows, especially Bengalis, that Japan is India’s best friend for ever. They built a status of Rabindra Nath Tagore in their famous Sakura garden, Netaji guided their military in their war to keep Asia for Asians, Japanese forces came with Netaji and kicked away British so that India got independence,… Continue reading Japan – an ally or a foe

Are Jews Special?

Are Jews Special? We know how special they are. All the stories that come to us via media shows how this tiny nation is able to survive against the Muslim fanatics hell bent on destroying it. Also Israel is India’s trusted friend – just like America, Japan, and Australia. Israel is a high tech nation… Continue reading Are Jews Special?