Theory of Relativity

I was in the class – I had attended very few classes at IIT. The professor started writing the proof of the ultimate equation, that almost everyone ‘intelligent’ is aware of. It was fully covered in slightly over a page. I remember that one of main points was that the speed of light was same… Continue reading Theory of Relativity

My SBI Saga

My mother had an account at State Bank of India, Danapur. In its locker she had kilos of gold. She held a few shares worth crores, whose dividends were substantial. She passed away more than 10 years ago. But her account is still active. Dividend checks are deposited regularly in the account by my brother… Continue reading My SBI Saga


I am not a fan of IQ. It plays a limited role though important. Most people with moderate IQs but through diligence and perseverance are able to achieve much. On top of that one has to be a decent person to earn my respect. Respect for parent, community, nation, human kind, animals are a must… Continue reading IQ

India’s ‘soft power’

I have watched Shashi Tharoor on youtube. He often mentions India’s ‘soft power’ as one of India’s strengths. He speaks in impeccably good English. I speak with the much maligned “Indian essent” despite having lived in the USA for decades. No wonder long time ago my roommate from IIT Roorkee, Praveen Mathur, had asked to… Continue reading India’s ‘soft power’

Growth rate of 10%

Saw Dr. Subramanian Swamy on TV explaining how growing at 10% India will overtake China in 12 years. Or something like that. Recently on Quora read some PhD from MIT writing how India can grow at 10% per annum. Reminds me of days when consultants from McKinsey used to talk about 10% rate.

Unpopular Opinions

I will be expressing opinions that might be unpopular. This site, explains why I consider Mitsubishi to be a racist company and it does not have interest of Indians in heart. I expect most to start screaming without spending even a few minutes reading about my experience. I won’t and can’t force you to read… Continue reading Unpopular Opinions