Nanjing Massacre

Written by by Honda Katsuichi , who worked for Asahi Shimbun. Among all the horrors described in that book, one relatively serene incident described in this book is still vivid in my mind. When Japan attacked China. There were some peace loving people – something like Chinese Japanese Friendship Society. They were meeting in a wooden hut,… Continue reading Nanjing Massacre

Gurjar: The missing topper

Narendra Karmarkar was our gold medalist. He was behind Gurjar in the initial semesters. Not by much but still behind Gurjar. Both were in electrical engineering department, 1978 batch. They were neck to neck. Gurjar, once in a while got a B which made the difference between him and Karmarkar narrower. End of ninth semester.… Continue reading Gurjar: The missing topper

Needed 100 critical thinkers

No. I won’t even try. Swami Vivekanand wanted 100 disciples and he could transform India. He died unsuccessful. Osho wanted 100 disciples so that he could elevate India’s consciousness. He died without any succes. I thought if Indians could have 100 critical thinkers, we could change India. It needed grooming up children, I was willing… Continue reading Needed 100 critical thinkers

Craze for IIT -1

It is written mainly for our young people. Most like you will ignore it but I will do my duty here. Our societies need people who are science-savvy. India too need them. People need money but not as much as the society tells you you need. One can do well on much less. I read… Continue reading Craze for IIT -1

Bullet Trains in India

They are nice. But what will they cost? I lived in Japan for about 6 years and hardly used these trains. First time I rode a bullet train, was excited with anticipation. It lasted a full minute, and then sit on your chain, and think of this as a plane ride, where we can walk… Continue reading Bullet Trains in India

Ignore me, it’s okay.

You will likely ignore my warning about the Japanese. For decades you have been exposed to propaganda, you can’t help it but to think of Japanese as your friend. I checked the history and found that Cassandra was in similar situation. She warned people about the Trojan horses, and it would have taken people just… Continue reading Ignore me, it’s okay.

My UFO Contact

Was in Hostel 7 in IIT. One night after dinner we were exchanging foul words with the hostel facing it (H-9?). All of I sudden we saw a bright object in the sky. Some of us were saying it might be an UFO. I quickly made to my room, the top floor on just on… Continue reading My UFO Contact

Japan has different ethics

People are surprised to know how badly it treated its POWs. Americans, Chinese, Koreans and others were mistreated to the extend unthinkable. Azad forces consisted of 25,000 defeated army personnel. For Japanese they were as good as dead. But the arrival of Bose gave them some other options. Use them for propaganda against the British.… Continue reading Japan has different ethics

Nuclear bombs on Japan

It is a shameful history. But we have to remember when Japanese army was plundering China and other neighboring countries, it was being cheered on by the Japanese civilians. Nobody told them to stop. The brutality of Japanese was unseen. Unit 731 was one where experiments were performed. Suppose the army wanted to test what… Continue reading Nuclear bombs on Japan

Why QUAD is bad for India?

What purpose does it solve for India. For US, they can have a base to attack China. Extra benefit is that no loss of life for them. Indians defense forces die, their families get a few lakh rupees. Plus Lata’s song will be played. In bonus rap version. For Japan, they will avoid their karma.… Continue reading Why QUAD is bad for India?