The art of business

Eastern cultures have known for years that being polite and caring yields more results. Indians are the sole exception, it seems. Remember the program, 60 minutes, aired about two decades ago on CBS. My comments on it are there on my original site In it there was an IITian, Vinod Khosla, extremely rich, who… Continue reading The art of business


Soon after India gained independence, it has abeen satellite nation of America and Japan. First Indian leaders were discrete, but now with the rapid rise of China, India is forced to acknowledge it. Media will be used to shape public opinion. People who read the most are most likely to be brain damaged. Japan, a… Continue reading Satellite

What news about China comes to us

Yesterday. Googled ‘china’ in its news. Copied news headings from first 2 pages They were: ‘Creeping capture’: How China is trying to ‘control’ global bodies like UN, WHO – TOI Didi slides 11% after China launches a cybersecurity review of the company days after its US IPO – Opindia Pakistan inducts China-made VT-4 battle tanks… Continue reading What news about China comes to us

No lying about JEE ranks.

How can one lie? If one has done material science from IIT Kharagpur and was interviewed in Chennai, in all probability we all know that his just managed to make it, and we can guess his exact JEE AIR within a few points given the overall distributions. It means Satya Nadella simply can’t lie about… Continue reading No lying about JEE ranks.

Spelling Bee kids

I watched portions of it. In America Indian kids monopolize this competition. From very early age – something in the neighborhood of 6 years. What are they doing? There is no doubt they learn perseverance. They are other easily ways to learn the value of perseverance – like watch those 5-day cricket matches (do they… Continue reading Spelling Bee kids

We are like the bird

in the cage that has been suddenly set free. It happened to our parrot, Mitthu. His cage was weak and one day the bottom fell down and he came out. What did he do next. He walked around the cage until I spotted him. I picked him up and put back in the cage. All… Continue reading We are like the bird

Importance of IIT

Decades after we graduated from one of IITs, that has continued to remain a major part of our lives. Some part of it is understandable, but mostly it is an unhealthy obsession. A few times I went to Rajiv Bhateja’s house in Palo Alto. There were other IITians around. Several times we talked about very… Continue reading Importance of IIT

TOI stories of weight loss

I see weight loss stories regularly featured. Often this overweight person – some 50 kgs over his weight limit – made just a simple change in his life – like started eating 3 chapatis instead of 4, and within 6 months he was back to being fit being mistaken for Hrithik Roshan. What nonsense. It… Continue reading TOI stories of weight loss

Fraud Detection in JEE

When I was teaching some nonsense at Tennessee at Martin, a professor of Indian origin was in the botany (?) department was there. I met him a few times. He had a joint appointment with Harvard. That was impressive. Harvard and UTM are poles apart.What was he doing in Tennessee? A few years later when… Continue reading Fraud Detection in JEE