SC / ST in IIT

Schedule cast an schedule tribes are a thorny issue in IIT. Personally I feel we have to bring equality in society and have to take steps to implement that. Many people feel angry. Their son has been denied admission and they see somebody apparently not qualified entering IIT. Disgust at unfairness. I will write about… Continue reading SC / ST in IIT

America and India

When Prof Steve Evans at Univ of California at Berkeley came to know that I has taken statistics under Prof. Feinsilver at SIU, Carbondale, he was excited. Seemed like Feinsilver was well respected in academic circles. SIU-C is hardly rated very high but that didn’t matter. Berkeley was rated very high but it didn’t matter.… Continue reading America and India

Few exceptions in Bihar

In a previous post mentioned that all in Bihar are like animals but as further thought want to modify that. I have found people in Bihar who are decent, albeit they are in minority. They tried to help me when asked. Like the students at Vipassana near Patna Junction. They advised me properly about my… Continue reading Few exceptions in Bihar

Family in India

We Indians like to remind others that unlike West where everyone is for themselves, in India we care for the family. Daughter in law giving up job to take care of mother in law is one of the examples . Of course we all know the story of Shravan Kumar, who carried his blind parents… Continue reading Family in India

Reservation system

A classmate from IIT Bombay wrote a letter to a US based university admissions officer. That he was from a Brahmin family and they put great emphasis on higher education in his family. I don’t know whether he got admission there, but he got admission somewhere in the USA. Then the actor Ben Kingsley in… Continue reading Reservation system

Huawei Blacklisted

USA made the claim that the data can be stolen through some backdoor. They tried hard could not prove a thing. Does not matter, they banned Huawei. Reminds me to several decades ago when I was studying computer science. I scored about the highest in courses, in GRE advanced scored a very high score. it… Continue reading Huawei Blacklisted

So many arm chair experts!

Checking internet. Seems like Indians are experts on all topics. Saw something like “wolf’, ‘debt-trap’. Indian guys who coined these terms are now resting assured that their names in the history are immortalized. While the Chinese, those nameless workers, would be forgotten, Indian names will continue – long wolf diplomacy or whatever will be discussed… Continue reading So many arm chair experts!

My ideal readers

One who will read Mitsubishi Story under its tab, carefully, Or the one who will read the shortened story on the front page. Will trad it without any bias. Any question, will write to me. And if he or she can change a few minds all the better. We don’t want the majority. It won’t… Continue reading My ideal readers