I found CFA exams to be among the easiest I took. Why so much prestige is associated with them. (Are they still?) The exam required 1. quant skills – very limited 2. verbal skills. Verbal skills was the killer. I remember each test had about 1,100 to 1,200 pages of reading we had to do.… Continue reading CFA

Western Toilets in India

Japan had traditional toilets similar to that in India. When I moved to Japan in 1989, my apartment had Western style toilets. Instructions to use the toilets – in 3 or 4 steps was printed on toilet, not possible to remove, so everyone could read them. In India there are no instructions. Even in Rajdhani’s… Continue reading Western Toilets in India

Chimney cleaners

At Univ of Tennessee when I was teaching, I had a colleague Dr. Chapman. At times I used to spill out my frustration to him regarding my low wages. $22,500 starting for nine months. He kept quite. One day he let me know his thought on this topic. He talked out the chimney cleaners at… Continue reading Chimney cleaners

Sumer Johal was good at

Don’t want to bad mouth a person. Especially when he is not around. There must be something redeeming about him. There was one thing I still remember. He would give me an assignment and to help me write down the SQL query (the where clause) lightning fast. For example find out the average balance of… Continue reading Sumer Johal was good at

Facing reality for Indians

I still get visitors to my old site looking for answer to whether IIT is better, or MIT? I have not answered clearly so likely most don’t return. If one is asking questions like that – is India developed. how long will it take us to beat China, when will India come the 3rd… Continue reading Facing reality for Indians

Visit to Kabana in Berkeley

Kabana is a well known restaurant in Berkeley serving Pakistani food. I have heard that it serves good Pakistani food unlike other Indian restaurants which fall short on meat preparations. I am a vegan and had never been there. For our lunch Sanjay Dayal, Sumer Johal, and one more from Xamplify and I went there… Continue reading Visit to Kabana in Berkeley

A black in Berkeley

Mark Box used to work out at Berkeley, YMCA gym. He was a tall about 6′ 7-8′ black combined Red American guy. He has a BS in mathematics from UC, Berkeley. We become friendly. I think he could do weight more than Indian champions could do. Once I was walking with him towards Berkeley Downtown… Continue reading A black in Berkeley

Bob Burnett at Xamplify

Bob Burnett made his money by funding Cisco. Retired as a billionaire in Berkeley and was socially and politically active. He joined Xamplify as an investor and was involved in its management. One day, Ellen our secretary was going to be late. She asked me to prepare coffee for the management who were holding the… Continue reading Bob Burnett at Xamplify

Sumer Johal : An enigma

Sumer Johal is like a puzzle. If I didn’t know about his MIT background, and based my conclusions just on my observations on him at Xamplify, I would say he was a fraud. From my limited viewpoint all I thought that he didn’t know statistics and numbers, and lied a lot to important customers. Simple… Continue reading Sumer Johal : An enigma