Dr. Oomori at Mitsubishi

Dr. Oomari at Mitsubishi He was a PhD from University of Tokyo (Todai in short) and sat next to me. He seemed very frustrated and seemed like his professor at Todai had forced this job on him. Heard that was a standard practice. Would guess IITs force their favorite students to choose Microsoft, Google, or… Continue reading Dr. Oomori at Mitsubishi


Homeschooling is popular in the USA. Once I took a graduate level course in Topology at UC, Berkeley, There were two young brothers, who was their and did well. Their father was a professor there and believed that his sons can learn better in homeschooling. In India, most of the time, mothers have their talents… Continue reading Homeschooling

Ideal UPSC exam selection list

Let the computer program check the name, Aadhaar number, address carefully. Any mistake, the candidate is out. Look for all swear words in all languages in the above fields, if present the candidate is out. Especially candidates from Naxalite movement states or people who didn’t vote for Modiji or both. Check old police records, school… Continue reading Ideal UPSC exam selection list

Rehana Ghadially

She taught Industrial Psychology. I took both the sections. And I would say I still remember many of the things she taught decades ago. She was mesmerizing. There was a group of students who were fond of her. I didn’t belong to that, but she was the only IIT instructor I took a reference letter… Continue reading Rehana Ghadially

1.5 Crore rs Package

It’s tempting. Indians newspapers are full of stories about these 1.5 crore rupees packages. You, used to seeing your mother and father dealing with hundreds. mother haggling for onion prices – rs 38 or rs 40. There crore rupees seem a lot – more than Ambani is worth. Maybe you can buy it. And insult… Continue reading 1.5 Crore rs Package