Just like an operating system

wokwokwok 85 days ago | parent | favorite | on: Linux Foundation starts AgStack, an open-source ag…> “Just like an operating system, we feel there will be a whole universe of applications that can be built and consumed using AgStack,” Johal added. “From pest prediction and crop nutrition to harvest management and improved supply-chain collaboration, the possibilities are endless.”…said AgStack executive director… Continue reading Just like an operating system

Iraq War

We sent to San Francisco, a place near Civic center. I started from Berkeley. People came from all parts of San Francisco bay area. Many residents, many Jews, many Jews from other parts call them self-hating Jews. Most UC, Berkeley professors, students, almost entire Oakland, and so on. I think there were about 1,00,000 people… Continue reading Iraq War

Our Bangalore office

My company in San Francisco had a off shore office in Bangalore. Sometimes we had morning meetings simultaneously at both the location. It was nice to enjoy our morning coffees leisurely at 9:00 Am in San Francisco, when the Indian staff was getting angry calls from home,” When are you going to be home. That… Continue reading Our Bangalore office

MIT : Monkeys in Trance

When I worked in L and T many of the senior officials had Harvard Business School among the degrees they had received. I was very impressed with their achievements. It was only later I found that those were of executive programs, offered during Summer terms, admission was virtually open provided they or their companies paid… Continue reading MIT : Monkeys in Trance