Meditation in Berkeley

Came to Berkeley from Japan. My mind was agitated. Looked for meditation classes in newspapers. One local ad caught my eyes. ! hour introductory meditation class, it was free. I went to the address mentioned. There was a empty room to meditate. A woman came to help me. Before I closed my eyes to meditate,… Continue reading Meditation in Berkeley

Only when you are 16

I am writing a lot about my IIT experience from the viewpoint of a 16 year old. Very few enter IIT when they are 16. 16 + 2 years at Kota = 18 years seem to be the minimum standard. B.Sc. means 19 years, after IAS, PhD just add years. And so on. Nowadays, the… Continue reading Only when you are 16

Mitsubishi – No physically handicapped

Mitsubishi didn’t hire any physically handicapped employees. It was not uniquely evil in this regard. Pretty much all Japanese companies didn’t hire physically handicapped employees. We had stairs to climb and it didn’t create any problem for us. We were all physically capable of climbing strairs. One day some construction work started in our building.… Continue reading Mitsubishi – No physically handicapped