I am not a fan of IQ. It plays a limited role though important. Most people with moderate IQs but through diligence and perseverance are able to achieve much. On top of that one has to be a decent person to earn my respect. Respect for parent, community, nation, human kind, animals are a must… Continue reading IQ

Growth rate of 10%

Saw Dr. Subramanian Swamy on TV explaining how growing at 10% India will overtake China in 12 years. Or something like that. Recently on Quora read some PhD from MIT writing how India can grow at 10% per annum. Reminds me of days when consultants from McKinsey used to talk about 10% rate.

Unpopular Opinions

I will be expressing opinions that might be unpopular. This site, explains why I consider Mitsubishi to be a racist company and it does not have interest of Indians in heart. I expect most to start screaming without spending even a few minutes reading about my experience. I won’t and can’t force you to read… Continue reading Unpopular Opinions