Karma Again

I am a firm believer in Karma theory. Karma happens not maybe now, bit 100 years from now. It was my destiny to warn Indians about dangers of “friendship” with Japan. I am not a fan of China, but at the same time feel that they are peace loving. I don’t feel the same about… Continue reading Karma Again

Incognito Manohar Parrikar

When I read in IIT news letters, Manohar Parrikar became the Chief Minister of Goa I wondered who he was. I didn’t know most of the IITians so I can be excused but what about the rest. In recent years, Rajesh Gupta, who was in metallurgy department from 1973-78, in same depatment as Manohar Parrikar’s,… Continue reading Incognito Manohar Parrikar

Tested it on Bengalis First

My story about Mitsubishi I told to Bengalis first. Knowing they are the most delusional. I was not disappointed. First one in America was an undergrad at UC Berkeley. A well respected school. As soon as I said I was harassed in Japan, he screamed, “You are lying, They are the kindest people in the… Continue reading Tested it on Bengalis First

Honest IAS officer AIR 4

I think he perhaps started the trend of IITians appearing for UPSC exams. For me IAS positions were a big no-no, thought IAS officers were only good for corruption and bribery. He studied civil engineering at IIT. Not a very difficult branch, but still he studied hard and secured silver medal standing first in the… Continue reading Honest IAS officer AIR 4