Australian green card

I was really fed up of the arduous experience in getting the US green card. Fad joined a teaching job which was a actually a teaching assistant’s job, with no learning and no career progress, was told getting a green card is simpler, got a totally incompetent Memphis lawyer, and he made it difficult for me to get the green card. Finally the third petition was approved and was sue for an interview. Was to be almost certain. Wasted 5 years.

I called Australian embassy to explore the possibility of getting Australian green card if American card does not come.

The embassy people were elusive at first. And when I mentioned that I have a masters in computer science, they became very receptive. They fed exed the application form the same day and it reached me in 1-2 days.

There was a point system for getting a green card and it seemed like it was meant for a person just like me. Young, knows English, have a masters in computer science. Perfect score.

I got the American green card but the world was a new place. Young Indians with computer science knowledge were welcome throughout the English speaking world.

Only yesterday I saw Finland opened up its borders for computer professionals. India’s gold rush is continuing. Westerners hope it will end soon but 30-50 years might be quite reasonable. Send your kids at the age of 5-6 to coding classes. They will have a good life. Doing computer science at IIT Bombay is the dream of many. Don’t tell them about me.

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