Australia, USA, Canada, UK – least racist of all?

This was a big dilemma for me when I wanted to study abroad. Australia, USA, Canada, UK – were the main 4 countries I considered because of language ease.

UK had ruled India for long – much of it with brutality. They might have learnt from their experience though.

Canada – Very cold, read a few stories about mistreating its immigrants badly.

Australia – Definitely barbarians. Convicted criminals sent to Australia, killed the natives there, appeared like a place to be avoided.

USA – They had a past of racism. Blacks were mistreated. As I read in Time magazine, USA has overcome those and is a beacon of hope for equality for all.

I thought, and decided that USA was the ideal land for me. Canada was sold and its universities were not so well known, but was tolerable. #2.

UK is #3. Racist but have got used to Indians. After the world war and American dominance might have become humbler.

Australia definitely #4. Convicts set free on a big land.

Now my impression is different.

#1: UK and Canada (joint): UK prople are open minded and among young racism is very low. Very European. Canada’s political system, makes it open. Universities are not as famous as MIT and Stanford, but still they are high enough.

#3: Australia: Australians are convicts but Americans massacred Red Indians by millions. Brought Blacks in chains. Still killing blacks. Australian weather is nice and beautiful beaches.

#4: America: The media knows how to lie about their country. Lack of meritocracy is a serious problem there.

It proves relying on media might not be best for selecting a country.

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