August 15, 1975: Minerva

I went there to watch Sholay. Went by myself. Didn’t want to buy in black. Didn’t tell anybody.

After I waited for about 30 minutes, a guy came to me, saying I have an extra ticket. He gave it to me at the list price, no mark up. The seat was very near the screen – on the second or, about the last seat on the right side. Widescreen, what could I see. Now I wonder that’s why his girlfriend refused to come for the movie.

Anyway her loss my gain. I enjoyed the entire movie immensely. Daisa Vasool.

While I have seen most of the originals in English – and they are very good, and have enjoyed them, Sholay was the ultimate entertainment for me. Have read some people watched them dozens of times. Amjad Khan’s dialogues are still remembered.

I google it and it was on August 15, 1973. I was there in Minerva watching Sholay.

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