American guy in Ecuador

Went there. Lived in a Hare Krishna farm opened by a Britisher in a mild jungle there. About 20 people, all young except me, we did some farming and later made vegan thick soup your to eat/drink. Very tasty. Sometimes we out for picnic near river and once a week went to the nearest town to distribute free food we made. We were mostly vegans and the locals were mostly omnivores. We thought we could convert some of them. Everybody accepted the food, conversion part I am not sure about.

There I met an American guy, about 25. When he heard that I was an Indian travelling, that surprised him a lot. He told me that he has not seen Indians travelling like that. He told me they make money by working hard because that seems to be the only goal they have.

I have met my classmates after so many years. They don’t need money, they have earned enough money for rest of their lives, but most are still pursuing money. In my last whatsapp meeting with them, most of us are about 65 years old or older, Jeff Bezos was referred to admiringly and some of his quotes were mentioned. I won’t be surprised that he would be added to the list of Gods we have got – replacing Lakhmi perhaps.

Jeff Bezos will finally get the respect he always craved – in India. Going to space is not him any fans. But in India, I think some town will be renamed Bezosland. Bezosrides, Bezosmall, the list is unlimited.

Modi might offer him honarary Indian award. Hope he does not snatch that away from me.

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