Adelaide Golden, Facebook vs Sumer Johal, MIT

Adelaide was my colleague at Apollo, Univ of Phoenix parent. She was not rich and studied computer science at UOP. I was impressed with her programming knowledge and skills. UOP coes not have great reputation. UOP graduates don’t have much skills Most learn by night, and are stuck at low level jobs.

I told her she will go places. Soon after I left the USA she got job at Facebook as a programmer. I heard she is going great at Facebook. If anybody sees her, tell her that I sent her my Hi.

On the other spectrum Sumer Johal was BS and MS in computer science from MIT. He was my technology chief. I got the impression that he didn’t know any programming except for trivial simple SQL code. Like a Chandigarh guy.

Now I have started checking, have the time. It appears that he didn’t have a MS in computer science, am still crosschecking with MIT. In undergrad he did some non-CS stuff, like robotics and so on. His thesis was in semiconductor, think his uncle had an hand in that whose friend from Analog was part of it.

Overall Golden 100, an asset to Facebook. Johal 0 (or negative) a liability to MIT. It will surprise most who follow conventional wisdom that MIT is better than UOP.

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