A young techie’s view of me

I few years ago was in Manali. Met a young person, about 40, in old Manali. where foreigners mostly stay. We formed a nice friendship. Spent all 5-6 evenings together, eating in a dhaba near the bridge and we talked. He had a girlfriend back in Delhi and he had bought her expensive gifts and was thinking of buying her more name brands in future.

He wanted to buy a house in Manali. At first people were not that warm but when he mentioned the amount of 1 crores, doors open up. I saw a house next to the river, a NRI-type dwelling. He seemed to have liked it.

Last day, he quickly told me about his view of me. He thought that I was a failure in life and held obsolete views about foreigners. He was working for an Israeli company and his french women colleague was genuinely worried when he was sick. They are so caring.

So, it is possible that he was right and you hold similar views. I can afford to pay around Rs 100 a month for web hosting (shared) and a domain name, so will continue writing till the end. Take it or leave it. I won’t mind.

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